Owli Sleeping Guru Safari Swaddle / Sleeping Bag 0.3 TOG

Brand: Owli
Product Price : 5.976 Miles

Owli Sleeping Guru Swaddle / Sleeping Bag 0.3 TOG

Turkey's most award-winning 4-in-1, swaddle that can be converted into a sleeping bag, Owl Sleep Guru is on line with a new improved design!

Owli Sleeping Guru is a 4-in-1 swaddle that can grow with your baby and turn into a sleeping bag thanks to its side zippers.

  • Owli baby sleep sacks , are the first and only sleep sacks that gained the approval of the International Institute of Hip Dysplasia as a " Supporter of the Development of Healthy Hips". 
  • Owli is the first and only brand to win a medal for two consecutive years at MadeForMums, one of Europe's most prestigious mother-baby awards.
  • Owli Sleep Guru won the Gold Medal in the "Best Sleepwear" category in 2020, and the Bronze Medal in the "Best Sleepwear" category in 2019.

0.3 TOG and 0.5 TOG value tested and determined by independent laboratories in Europe.

  • With its renewed 95% cotton structure, it is now even softer.

Owli baby sleep sacks are designed to be used as a swaddle for 0-3 months, extended swaddle for 3-6 months, bag sleeping bag for 6-12 months, and standing sleeping bag for 12-36 months.

Newborn sleep sacks can be used as an extended swaddle thanks to its structure that can grow with its side zipper.

  • Infant sleepsack does not touch your baby's skin with its openable arms and a design that conceals the renewed snaps, providing a safer sleep.

It can be easily converted into a sleeping bag thanks to its built-in foot extensions.

Thanks to its improved waist and leg width, it provides the most ideal comfort for both players and sleepers.

Double-sided zipper and zipper protections make your work easier in the new Owli Sleep Guru, as in all Owli sleep products.

  • Owli Sleep Guru has a softer touch, easier to use and maintain with its new fabric.
  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane