Owli Sleeping Sack 2.7 Tog 4-5 Years Old

Brand: Owli
Product Price : 7.236 Miles

Owli Sleeping Sack 2.7 Tog is created for children aged 4-5. It is ideal for comfortable night sleep or day time fun activities.

Its rated fabric is made out of cotton and it is ideal to be used on its own even in cold winter days. Its double-layer fabric is breathable, soft, and easy to care.

Owli Sleeping Sack also features a two-way zipper. This neck to ankle zipper design allows for easier potty training both for girls and boys and it's also ideal for easy underwear or clothing change. Owli Sleeping Sack comes with zipper protection. Now it's easier to prevent tangled hair, unwanted scratches, or other minor accidents.

Owli Sleeping Sack 2.7 comes with foldable mittens and bootees. Its foldable bootees feature non-slippery bottoms to keep up with the pace of active kids. Owli's non-slippery bottoms are designed to provide balance to new walkers and provide additional grip for fully active kids.