Owli Swaddle 0-6 Months Purple

Brand: Owli
Product Price : 5.347 Miles

Owli Winter Outer Swaddle will be the most fluffy protection of your baby in all outdoor activities with its structure that resists cold weather and its soft and breathable fabric. Owli Swaddle is designed to protect babies from cold outside and is compatible with strollers, car seats and baby carriages.

Babies lose their body heat faster than adults.

Owli's newborn swaddle sleepsack helps maintain babies' body temperature like a wearable blanket. The Owli Winter Swaddle prevents your baby from getting cold during walks in the stroller or visiting grandmothers. Used with Owli Swaddle or Owli Sleep Guru, it helps keep your baby at the ideal body temperature.

  • The newborn sleep sacks can be used with baby shoes thanks to its foldable booties feet. It provides ease of use for tall babies. Easy to put on and take off with its ready-made swaddle design. With the feature of being a wearable blanket, it eliminates problems such as entanglement and top opening. You can adjust the tightness of the Owli Outdoor Swaddle at the level you want with the velcro fasteners that never come into contact with your baby.
  • It has an additional layer that provides extra protection for the chest and abdomen. It can be adjusted according to the height of your baby with its adjustable breast protection and can be used in babies between 0-6 months (up to 65 cm) with closed feet.
  • Owli baby sleep sacks , are the first and only sleep sacks that gained the approval of the International Institute of Hip Dysplasia as a " Supporter of the Development of Healthy Hips". 
  • With its star-shaped design, it is compatible with all 3-point seat belt car seats and baby carriages. Inner fabric is made of 100% wellsoft fabric.