Owli Swaddle Milk 0-3 Months

Brand: Owli
Product Price : 2.934 Miles

Hurray! You have survived a long pregnancy and your baby has opened her eyes to her new life. So how will it adapt to its new environment?

We reveal the secret; The first way for your newborn to feel as safe and peaceful as it is in your womb and to get used to its new environment is to make him feel the environment he is used to. The avocado shaped Owli swaddle came up at this point! Owli newborn swaddle sleepsack gives babies the feeling of being enveloped in their mother's womb, making them feel peaceful and secure. Don't worry, you don't need to be an expert on arson, Owli has thought of everything for you. :)

Owli baby sleep sacks , are the first and only sleep sacks that gained the approval of the International Institute of Hip Dysplasia as a " Supporter of the Development of Healthy Hips". 

Thanks to its flexible lycra fabric, it does not restrain the natural movements of babies. It provides the ideal tightness required for swaddling. It does not cause hip dislocation with its design that expands towards the legs; on the contrary, it supports the healthy hip development of babies.

Owli swaddle wrap helps babies sleep longer and uninterruptedly by wrapping them in their arms. It has a light and breathable cotton fabric; can be used in all seasons. It provides ease of use with its double-sided zipper. To swaddle, all you have to do is pull the zipper upwards with your loving hands! Its double-sided zipper allows for easy diaper change. Babies' sleep is often interrupted by the jump / moro reflex seen in newborn babies. Owli swaddling helps them sleep uninterruptedly as the arms stay inside.

Swaddles made with classical swaddling covers are constantly relaxed with the baby's arm and leg movements and must be constantly corrected by the parents. Owli swaddle is easily dressed in one step, and the baby falls asleep easily as tight as it is used to.

You can turn it into a sleeping bag at any time by opening the snaps in the arm section. In this way, it provides the opportunity to get used to the transition from swaddle to sleeping bag. As they replace blankets, the risk of suffocation that blankets may cause in babies is eliminated. Warning: When your baby starts to rotate on its own (usually after the 6th month), the arms should be used outside in the sleeping bag position, as use in the inside position may pose a danger.

Owli swaddles are manufactured to support healthy hip development as recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. The American Pediatric Association recommends arson. Famous pediatrician Harvey Karp supports swaddling so that babies can feel safe, calm down and sleep comfortably.

  • Suggestion for use: It is recommended to be used only with a cloth in the summer, and in other seasons by wearing it according to the weather.
  • 95% Cotton 5% Lycra
  • Made in Turkey.