Owli Swimwarm Chill Baby Swimsuit Yellow 6-12 Months

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Brand: Owli
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Owli non-cold baby swimsuit is the pupil of all mothers with its special design to make your baby love water or to protect your water-loving mini. The baby swimsuit made of high quality, soft and flexible 3 mm neoprene fabric used in diving suits gives your baby a pleasant swimming experience. Neoprene fabric warms up the water entering the skin and swimsuit to prevent cold. Keeps body temperature in balance. This way, your baby will not get cold in and out of the water. Fully opened straps make it easy to dress and remove. Wide fasteners allow you to adjust the swimwear to fit your baby's body. With adjustable shoulder straps it fits perfectly on your baby. Much more useful than nylon swimsuits to start learning to swim, the swimsuit is reassuring with its high lifting force. Soft fabric is used on the inner and outer surfaces to protect it from external factors and increase its durability. To use your swimwear for longer; sea ​​and pool water after use, do not wrinkle, fold and squeeze.  Direct contact with sunscreen products should be avoided. Non-cold baby swimwear should be preferred considering your baby's weight.

Product Details:

  • 6 to 12 months; 7 - 12 kg / 15.4 - 26.5 Lbs
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Do not machine washing, drying and ironing. Hang on clothes hanger or rope and let it dry in the shade.