Pilsan Information Wheel Kindergarten Set

Brand: Pilsan
159.9 Miles
Product Price : 7.225 Miles

* Age of Use 36+ Months

* 10 Pieces of Back and Front Concept Cards

* 20 Different Education Topics;
-Contrasting Concepts
-Object Counting
-Tools & Tools
-Home stuff
-Kitchen utensils
-Our food
-Our body
-My feelings
-Land Vehicles
-Water & Aircraft
-The Concept of Location in the Space
-Clock Concept
* 50 Score Cards
* Conforms to the National Education Curriculum
* Teaches While Entertaining
* Assisting Education
* Increases General Culture Level

* Allows Children to Socialize

* Raw Material Suitable for Child Health that Does Not Contain Carcinogenic Substances

Product dimensions: W:39 L:39 H:8 Cm

Packaged Product Dimensions: W:8 L:39 H:39 Cm

Age Group: 3 Years and Over

Yaş Grubu : 3 Yaş ve Üzeri