Serenk Copper Pitcher

Product Code: SER72501
Brand: Serenk
7915 Miles
Product Price : 4.749 Miles

Beaten by local artisans made Serenia copper pitcher in Turkey, it takes you to the old-time traditional design. The polished outer surface to avoid the blackout and interior tin-plated your guests with copper pitcher can make original presentations. Copper carafe can offer different cold drinks, watch out as decorative It attracts. Visible and distinct lines on the copper jug ​​with handle are due to the fact that each product is hand-made individually; therefore each one has a unique design. Our copper products are not fabricated and are 100% handmade. Darkening can occur on the inner surface of copper products depending on the frequency of use, which is certainly normal. At the same time, darkening can occur with heat. You can apply various methods to restore your copper products to their old shine. Wiping with a vinegar cloth or rubbing with salt and lemon will restore your copper products to their original shine. The copper copper pitcher must not be washed in the dishwasher. Hand wash with warm soapy water. The user manual of Serenk Bakır products is delivered in the box. Serenk Copper mug size; Base diameter: 9.3 cm, mouth diameter: 9.3 cm. Height: 21 cm