Siemens TC86303 Filter Coffee Machine

Brand: Siemens
1283 Miles
Product Price : 66.871 Miles

Key features
Protection against drips and smudges: dripstop.

We all know how; You have freshly brewed your coffee and poured it into your glass, but almost every machine drips after filling and leaves unsightly stains on the heating plate. With the Siemens dripstop function, limescale, burnt coffee and tough stains are a thing of the past. For maximum enjoyment down to the last drop.

Power: 1160 Watts
10/15 cup capacity, 1.25 l
Aroma Sense Plus technology for the perfect coffee flavor
The most delicious coffee experience thanks to the sensor-controlled heating that adjusts the temperature according to the taste.
Memory timer and digital clock
Descaling system
Use with filter paper (1x4)
"drip-stop" drip protection
Automatic shutdown after 2 hours