Tefal Titanium 1X Extra Cook & Clean Diffusion Based Deep Pot - 24 cm

269.9 Miles
Product Price : 13.705 Miles

100% easy cleaning!

Tefal Extra Cook & Clean series gives flawless and perfect results. It has a fully protected inner and outer coating for flawless and effortless cleaning. The high-quality Titanium coating is manufactured to be long-lasting, while the diffusion bottom provides optimum heat distribution for evenly cooked food and the handle offers improved ergonomics for maximum comfort. This high performance range also offers flawless frying and oil-free cooking thanks to its high quality non-stick surface to achieve healthy results with uncompromising flavor. Whether it's a weekend meal made from scratch to satisfy the whole family or pleasing crowded guests, there's nothing easier to create mouth-watering home-style meals. Tefal makes it easier to clean after cooking, allowing you to spend more time on the meals you will prepare!

Product features

100% easy cleaning inner and outer coating

Discover effortless cleaning with a fully coated product: inner, outer coating and flame protection for easy cleaning.

100% safe non-stick coating

0% PFOA, 0% lead, 0% cadmium * * Stricter controls than tests where food contact regulations are required. It does not contain PFOA in accordance with the regulations applied. Free of lead and cadmium (free of Pb and Cd) means that no Pb and Cd have been added to the coatings. There is no pass-through level of 0.005mg / kg.


THERMO-SIGNAL ™ technology indicates the time to start cooking for perfect consistency, flavor and sealing.

Diffusion base

Thanks to the diffusion base, the heat is distributed evenly and offers a homogeneous cooking experience.

Non-stick Titanium coating

It is extra durable thanks to the high quality non-stick coating, ultra-reinforced construction and protective coating developed with Titanium.

Ergonomic handle

It offers comfortable use thanks to the comfortable grip.

Easy to read level indicator

Level indicator for accurate recipes and quantity control.

Glass cover

You can easily follow your food while cooking

Made in france

It was expertly designed and manufactured in France.