Vagonlife VGN1747 580 ML Blue Water Bottle

Brand: Vagonlife
54.45 Miles
Product Price : 2.629 Miles

Bpa Free Water Bottle helps to protect our nature, because clear water bottle provides to the reduction of disposable plastic bottles and enviromental pollution which is very important for our sustainable living standarts.

It is made of  unbreakable, watertight, environmentally friendly, easy-to-clean material. In addition, this Water Bottle protects your water with its healthy protection feature which is BPA Free structure.

You can safely use in all activities in school, sports, cycling, office or on the road. With the help of the BPA-free structure, it  will protect your water health. 

It will be your source of motivation to drink much more water everyday! Motivational water bottles  do not drip.

Product Details:

* Detachable strainer in flask mouth.
* Does not leak.
* Double lock system.
* Press Open cover.
* Unbreakable body.
* Silicone holding area and silicone carrying strap.
* 580 ml liquid capacity.
* Canteen size: 24 x 6.5 cm // 19 oz.