WalSmart Pro Safiano Smart Mechanism Leather Wallet WPS03 Smoked

Brand: WalSmart
339 Miles
Product Price : 22.402 Miles

Product features;

Detachable card protector
5 embossed or 7 plain cards
2 additional cards
business cards

WalSmart Pro Leather Wallet with Smart Mechanism

WalSmart Smart Wallet technologies stand out with their completely domestic production and offering technological solutions to customers. These wonderful products, produced thanks to the combination of industrial design and fashion, are designed in sizes to fit into every pocket, and positively change the habits of using wallets. In order to produce these smart wallets, our company combined its 36 years of leather processing experience with innovative studies and moved to the production and design phase with great care. While the products provide the security in your pocket comfortably, they also enable you to follow the fashion closely with their different designs.

So, what are the benefits of these smart wallets for you?

A lightweight, easy-to-carry wallet
Long-lasting durability as it is produced from pure aluminum
Makes your cards more organized and secure
You can easily access your cards
You will prevent your cards from breaking and bending.
The quality paint used provides durability for a lifetime.
Thanks to the patented designs of smart wallets, your cards are safer than ever before. Our Card Protector, made of aluminum, protects your cards from breaking and bending, as well as unwanted NFC and RFID communication. NFC (Near Field Identity) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) are technologies that enable the radio frequency and chips of your cards to be read and used. Your cards can be used in your normal wallets by mistake or by identity thieves by using these technologies. For this reason, our Card Protector product will keep you away from this danger with its special design.

If you want your cards to be protected against both physical breakage or bending and theft, you should definitely take advantage of this wonderful product that we offer you. Thanks to this product, which we have created for you by taking advantage of the blessings of today's technology, you will feel safer than ever and your cards will remain intact in your wallet. Our Card Protector also protects your cards against unwanted impacts thanks to its aluminum casing.